Location-based BPO Segmentation

Service-based BPO Segmentation

ITES Client Support

IT Infrastructure Management


Legal Process Outsourcing


Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Ticketing, Booking, and related services

Back office

Accounts Processes and related services


Research Process Outsourcing

Emerging trends in the BPO Industry

Emerging Technologies

Will be used by service providers for cost reduction, delivery enhancement, and enhancing agent performance (give an example what kind of technology)


Train Agents and team members to handle multi-domain processes in order to overcome skill set constraints being faced by the BPO industry

Start-ups as Customers

Most start-ups have a limited budget and look for cost effective serviceability. BPO vendors have an opportunity of tapping these start-ups as their customers

Negotiability & Transparency

With SMEs entering the BPO industry, customers now have the ability to negotiate prices and services wanted which was not possible when only corporates and conglomerates controlled the industry

Political impact

Conservative policies of the right-wing, nationalist government will limit offshore investments to promote a nation-first agenda

BPO industry in India

The BPO industry in India has a lot of growth potential, with the government looking to drive foreign investment in India and improve the ease of doing business in the country

Rising competition

This year has seen countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Columbia, Mexico, and Egypt emerge as potential competitors to India and Philippines

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