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Epitome International KPO services, ISO 9001:2015 Certified company founded in 2011 provides Offshore Outsourcing Partnering service segmenting into IT, BPO and KPO services.

Aim of the company is provide qualitative and quantitative service with cost effective solutions. This only possible with our team of expertise strive each day to contribute in our success day by day.

Since 2019 we have entered in the US health care segment in and efficiently providing the off shore service for the front end and backend front.

In the upcoming slide let me take you to the overview what we do at Epitome Streaming Service LLP.

Service We Provide

Front Desk
DME Ordering
Orders Management
Resumption Of Care
Clinical Assistance - Report Making
Visit Follow Up’s
Chart Audits and Quality Checks

Front Desk

  • Accepting the calls from the Case Managers
  • Inbound calls from the patient
  • Inbound calls from the labs
  • General Quires


  • Keeping an eye on email, All Script and Fax for the referral’s arrivals.
  • Checking the demographics of the patient.
  • Checking the eligibility.
  • Checking the referral source.
  • Checking on the critical points wound vac, wound care, Trac, IV, Infusion Pharmacy, dose supplies, dose timings, etc in order we can accept the proper referral and no glitches in the care services.

Resumption Of Care

  • Following on the patient in hospital or SNF for the discharge update.
  • Once we get the confirmation from hospital for the discharge, we need to resume the services.
  • Following on the ROC orders from the hospital.
  • Checking on the eligibility on the ROC again.


  • Applying for the initial authorization for the insurance information we got in the referral.
  • After RN/PT frequency has been rolled out, apply for the more auth.
  • In case we have provided any services in case of emergency without authorization than we apply for the retro auth too.
  • Checking the eligibility of the patient on periodically basis.


  • Once we the initial auth from the insurance need to plot start of care.
  • Plotting of the resumption of care.
  • Once we have frequency from the supervisory nurse need to ask the assistant nurse for the availability of the services according to the frequency.
  • Plotting of the frequency correctly 1x,2x week and also taken care for 30 days sup visit plotting and 60 days recert plotting in order to avoid the audit errors.

DME Ordering

  • Ordering the DME supplies as mentioned in the referral.
  • Follow with the PCP for the signed orders.

Orders Management

  • What ever orders are pending for the PCP signature needs to be faxed to PCP office.
  • All relevant orders received in the fax needs to be uploaded in the system.

Clinical Assistance Report Making

  • Discharge and recertification report follow up.
  • SOC/ROC/Recert Order preparation.
  • Communication Notes.
  • Non Bill DC reports.
  • Visit review report.
  • Transfer Summary and D1 Transfer reports.

Visit Follow Up’s

  • Checking on the OASIS report SOC/ROC follow up and frequency received in timely manner.
  • Checking the frequency visit done and follow up on the same in case of MV need check for rescheduling possible or not.
  • Supervisory visit happening on anticipated period or not.
  • Recertification visits happening.

Chart Audits & Quality Checks

  • Checking on the plotting.
  • Checking on the orders sent/upload.
  • Communication Notes update.
  • Episode alignments.
  • Auth check.
  • Other Miscellaneous as required.

IT and administration

  • Our team currently working on Kinnser for HH services apart from that for scheduling and front desk management have knowledge from Athena, IMS, ECW, etc.
  • Dual Screen desktop’s for efficient productivity and ease of production.
  • Company has leased lines backed up with 5G WIFI connections and lastly failure of both can be backed by 5G hotspots in order to avoid any failure and max efforts to give uninterrupted services.
  • 24x7 in person IT expertise support as well for prompt resolutions

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